The territory is divided into 18 municipalities, sometimes dynamic, sometimes immersed in nature. There is something for every taste !

The North is rich in its biodiversity, its historical and cultural heritage, but also in its many services and amenities that make this territory a good place to live.

Schools, sports clubs, associations, media libraries, professional support organizations, supermarkets, shops, markets, restaurants, shows are available to residents.


Marked by its authenticity, its quality of life and its diversity of activities, the north also offers a varied climate, marked by leeward and leeward coasts, thus offering picturesque landscapes.
Composed of three employment areas, the territory of the North of Martinique is shared between a rural world in the North which maintains agricultural activity and a developing urban space which continues to attract populations.

North Martinique includes 18 municipalities (i.e. 103,720 inhabitants) representing nearly a third of the population of Martinique.

The territory is divided into three micro-regions:

The North Caribbean includes eight municipalities: Bellefontaine, Case-Pilote, Fonds-Saint-Denis, Le Carbet, Le Prêcheur, Morne Rouge, Morne-Vert and Saint-Pierre.

Ajoupa Bouillon, Basse-Pointe, Grand-Rivière, Le Lorrain, Le Marigot and Macouba form the North Atlantic which consolidates its rural base and maintains agricultural activity.

The Centre-Atlantique, fully integrated into the urban area of Fort de France, now concentrates most ofthe industrial activity and the service offer of the territory. The population density in the Center-Atlantique is equivalent to that of Martinique, 338 inhab./Km², against 189 inhab./Km² for the whole of CAP Nord. (Robert, Gros-Morne, La Trinité and Sainte-Marie)

In order to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants, 4 cities benefit from the Small Towns of Tomorrow Program, set up by the government: Carbet, Saint-Pierre, La Trinité and Sainte-Marie.


in brief


Starting point for many hikes, the town also stands out for agriculture and food crops, the main activities of the town, particularly pineapples and bananas are grown there.

Lively and active, a market is held every Saturday morning and restaurants offer local dishes. The local northern mission welcomes and accompanies young people in their professional projects and a media library will be at your disposal to document you and work in peace.

Ajoupa-Bouillon Town Hall

Tel : 05 96 53 32 22
Fax : 05 96 53 35 20


A land of contrasts between old dwellings, Indian culture and international surfing competitions, Basse Pointe seduces with the beauty of its landscapes and the peacefulness of its inhabitants. Agriculture and organic farming are practiced there. The attractiveness of this town should not be overlooked, local shops and supermarkets, housing facilities, kindergartens, schools, cultural center, sports clubs, medical services, as well as a media library are available to locals.

Basse Pointe Town Hall

22 rue du Doc. Hippolyte MORESTIN
Tel : 0800 299 972
Standard :0596 78 50 44
Fax : 0596 78 97 16


If agriculture is practiced there, it is fishing that makes the reputation of the town of Bellefontaine. The Torgiléo (house in the shape of a boat) watches over the market which is taken by storm every Saturday morning by the inhabitants who travel for miles to enjoy fresh fish… The fruit and vegetable market is under the cliff.

Bellefontaine has a crèche, an elementary school as well as the Nord Caraïbe multi-purpose professional high school (specialized training in hospitality-catering, bakery-pastry, post-baccalaureate education, general and technological education) which continues to produce excellent results. The town offers many small shops, housing facilities, a rowing club, as well as a medical and pharmaceutical service to meet the needs of the inhabitants.

Bellefontaine Town Hall

r Jules Ferry, 97222 Bellefontaine
Tel : 05 96 55 00 24


A must-see town in the north with its waterfront restaurants, nightlife, fishing and tourist circuits which allow you to discover the Neisson distillery in particular. You will find small shops, many social housing schemes, neighborhoods with breathtaking views of nature (sea and mountain).

Le Carbet is also a rich associative life (sport and culture), a branch of the CCI Martinique, the Paul Gauguin heritage interpretation center (CIP), a zoo and a wide choice of sports and nautical activities. On the side of medical services, a hospital specializing in the rehabilitation and physical rehabilitation of adults and children, medical offices and pharmacies are available in the city.

Carbet Town Hall

1 pl Jules Grevy, 97221 Le Carbet
Tel : 0596 78 02 99


Case-Pilote is resolutely turned towards the sea. Families are happy to meet at the port to chat, play dominoes or watch the pelicans at the end of the day.

A maritime shuttle serves the city of Fort-de France and Trois-Ilets, a real plus for the northern Caribbean. From a historical point of view, we can talk about the church of Case-pilote, which is the oldest religious building in Martinique. Many housing opportunities are available (HLM, real estate projects, purchases and construction). To move, the sports and nautical activities are varied, including diving, badminton, rowing, rugby or even windsurfing. . Its facilities make it a practical city, restaurants, mini-markets, fire station, dentists, medical services, bakery, veterinary clinic and local market (Friday evening and Saturday morning – Place de la Mairie), etc.

Town Hall Case-Pilote

Pl. Gaston Monnerville, Case-Pilote
Tel : 05 96 78 81 44


Starting point of the Canal de Beauregard, Fond Saint-Denis is a town as discreet as its inhabitants are warm. The days are calm and peaceful, punctuated by the song of the welcoming rivers. The mountain road La Trace begins there and connects Fonds-Saint-Denis to the capital. Social housing, lodges and houses will welcome nature lovers.

As for sport and leisure, you will have the choice ! Hiking, waterfalls such as that of the saut du gendarme, river or the sporting events that take place in the city stadium

Fond Saint-Denis Town Hall

le Bourg, 97250 Fonds Saint Denis
Tel : 0596 55 89 89 / 0596 55 88 88


The last town on the North Atlantic coast, Grand-Rivière offers a lifestyle that is getting lost. This small fishing town has many attractions thanks to its authenticity, its relaxing calm and the kindness of its inhabitants. It is good to live there between local cuisine, river bathing, hiking, bathing, surfing on the Sinai beach and strolling on the port at sunset.

Grand-Rivière is developing with its maritime transport to the island of Dominica, the new Habitation Beauséjour (HBS) distillery and its wind farm.

Grand Riviere Town Hall

71 avenue du Général de Gaulle
Tel : 0596 55 77 77


Gros-Morne is a town in the North Atlantic with a wide choice of associations and sports activities such as martial arts, cycling, basketball and tennis. Good facilities are available there (Pharmacies, Bakery, pastry shop, Superettes, grocery stores etc.), it combines the tranquility of the countryside and the practicality of an equipped city.

Gros Morne’s economy is mainly focused on agriculture and agri-food. It is home to two jewels of Martinican industry: the Habitation Saint-Etienne distillery and the Desnel factory, which produces juices and jams made from local products.

Gros Morne Town Hall

Tel : 0596 67 50 11


Le Lorrain is one of the municipalities in the North with the most sports, cultural and voluntary associations. It is also the town of Lorrain which has the largest number of banana plantations in Martinique, with 22% of its producers. The town has the essential services to facilitate good living: nursery, kindergarten and primary school, library are available to Lorinois. The Joseph PERNOCK high school in Lorrain also offers a rich and diversified training card in the fields of water, bioindustry and catering, which are, for the most part, specific or even unique in the Caribbean basin.

Lorrain town hall

Rue Victor Schoelcher
Tel : 0596 53 44 22
Fax : +596 596 53 40 42


The town offers a panoramic view of the sea, its northern beach district is renowned for its works of “street art”. The city offers many farms, beautiful spaces and its housing stock is interesting.

The village is known for its JM distillery, a luxury rum whose quality is recognized worldwide.

Macouba Town Hall

Rue Victor-hugo
Fax : 05 96 78 54 74


Le Marigot is a town that lives mainly from fishing and agriculture. authentic town is a haven of peace and tranquility. Anse Charpentier beach located between Marigot and Sainte-Marie is a spot recognized by surfers who come to measure themselves against the waves. The town is also known for its hike along the coast to get to Pain de Sucre.

Marigot Town Hall

Le Bourg
Tel : 05 96 53 50 09
Fax : 05 96 53 54 83


Le Morne Rouge is a town full of history and very pleasant. Culture and nature are at the rendezvous, it allows access to the Pelée Mountain, hosts events in the Millennium, its performance hall and offers a real space for relaxation and leisure with its park, Cap 21. Local administration, medical and school facilities are everywhere. Everything is set up for a peaceful life !

Morne Rouge Town Hall

Avenue Edgard-Nestoret
Tel : +596 5 96 52 30 23


Le Morne-Vert is one of the smallest municipalities in the North Atlantic, a city on a human scale, its municipal stadium and its sports clubs are its pride. Committed to agriculture, the Verdimornaise economy is based mainly on market gardening but there are also farms, especially poultry.

Morne-Vert Town Hall

Rue Louis MORIN
Tel : 0596 55 51 47


Located on the Caribbean coast, the Préchotins live from fishing and agriculture, holidaymakers and locals can enjoy the beautiful and wild black sand beaches of Anse Couleuvre and Anse Céron. The town has one of the oldest dwellings on the island, the Céron estate. A rich and simple commune that allows you to be in perfect harmony with nature.

Prêcheur Town Hall

Le Bourg
Tel : +596 5 96 52 98 62


Located in the Centre-Atlantic, it has the largest population in the northern territory and is experiencing strong growth. Many facilities are available there (supermarkets, specialized stores, parks, housing facilities, schools, services, business area, marina, industrial area, school, agricultural college, etc.) Robert is a city as dynamic as it is pleasant with its 10 islets, its nautical activities, its restaurants, its activities and its sports associations.

Robert Town Hall

Rue Vincent Allègre,
Tel : 05 96 65 10 05


It draws its resources from agricultural activity, sugar cane has a very important place in the life of the town with in particular the Saint-James distillery.

In addition to this aspect, the commercial, sporting and cultural facilities such as the Coralie Balmy sports complex, the Claude Gélie stadium in Morne des Esses, the martial arts center, the Palladium, the Excelsior cinema, the multimedia space, the craft area, commercial areas and areas of economic activity, make it an active and lively city.

Sainte-Marie Town Hall

Le Bourg
Tel : 0596 69 30 06


Former capital of Martinique, Saint-Pierre, labeled City of Art and History is a booming city, through schools, shops, fishing, agriculture.

Saint-Pierre offers its warmth and authenticity to everyone and benefits from a new cultural offer Franck Perret museum, art gallery, science and earth discovery centre). The presence of the sub-prefecture, its hospital, its future cruise terminal, its world-famous bay reinforces its attractiveness as a key city in the North Caribbean..

Saint-Pierre Town Hall

35 Rue Caylus
Tel : 05 96 78 10 32


A medium-sized North Atlantic municipality, La Trinité is active, particularly from an economic point of view with the presence of the sub-prefecture, a branch of the Martinique Chamber of Commerce, a dynamic town center, a commercial activity area, the Galion rum distillery and sugar factory, the last sugar refinery on the island, the Hardy distillery and numerous tourist activities established.

The Caravelle peninsula, the ruins of the Château du Buc, the Caravelle nature reserve and the beaches offered by La Trinité are its charm. The square on the seafront with its fountains is a real asset in terms of leisure and relaxation for families. The presence of a hospital and many services make it an attractive city for new residents.

Trinity Town Hall

51, Avenue Casimir Branglidor
Tel : 0596 58 20 12